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For the Crowded House provides therapeutic and practical support to those affected by clutter and hoarding. Most of my work is based in  Melbourne or regional towns who are feeling overwhelmed or pressured to make changes. I work with people to create safer and healthier homes.

I also deliver training around Australia and specialise in secondary consultations and support to workers dealing with child protection, disability, dual diagnosis/disability and guardianship matters.

In November last year, after 12 months of collaboration with La

Scene from Birdcage Thursday

Here’s 3 minutes of video from Birdcage Thursday.

Mama, Birdcage Thursday was born. A theatre piece exploring hoarding, family dynamics, housing and help from professionals. I was involved in the script development, funding submissions and Q and A sessions after the launch at the Big West Festival. Here’s a peek at what happened and we continue to look for audiences, please contact Sandra Fiona Long (allingual@gmail.com) if you are interested in bringing this show to your organisation or town or festival.

I now provide a clutter and  hoarding specialist service which which increases the safety and well being of people living in hoarded homes. I use evidence based theory and practical strategies to provide sensitive in-home support, secondary consultations and training across Australia.

Fundamental to my practice is this:

number 1  As humans, we all have an attachment to things! Even minimalists have their favorite or precious objects.

number 2  For 1 in 20 people, things become difficult to refuse, difficult to sort and difficult to discard.

no 3   Because we become attached to things, they serve a purpose. This is why attachment can create clutter and anxiety at the thought of having less. Those horrible  TV shows showing the mass clean outs in just a few days, are now banned in several states in the US due to the trauma created.



imagesWhere ever possible, I am committed to reducing the environmental footprint – all printed training resources use recycled paper, social enterprises and small businesses are used for catering and all flights are offset to be carbon neutral.





Screen-shot-2011-05-19-at-10.11.10-AMTo talk about training, group work,  secondary consultations or individual support you can use the inquiry form below or


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