This or that?

I like a picture, it’s tangible and kinda permanent whereas words are more ephemeral and can be hard to grasp and easy to forget. The CBT model of exploring and understanding clutter and hoarding (see below)  is visual (which works for me) but I struggle to translate it all into practice.

So, I’ve using the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’s “Whose driving the bus”  metaphor with people I’m working with (and to notice when my fears, anxiety starting driving me around in circles). This post is Eva’s idea, and she offers us this image.orginal-bus


Her bus started off like any other bus, one oblong, two wheels and a circle for a head. With an occasional disdain for rules, significant insight and a healthy willingness to laugh at her self, she added  “I have so many passengers on my bus, I’ll need a double Decker, and a trailer and undercarriage storage!” We did this at her house, on her dining room table which now can host dinners with overseas guests and cups of tea with spiced biscuits.

I like this metaphor, it acknowledges our history, good and bad, our brain traits and habits and encourages us to notice today, which passenger with a validated Myki, are directing our thoughts (and collecting and keeping behaviors!).


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