For people with clutter or hoarding

For people with clutter or hoarding


Sometimes our belongings can overtake our homes and end up as clutter or hoarding. Knowing what to do with them can be difficult and overwhelming. You may want to live with less, have tried to let go, but get stuck. Or you may have pressure from housing services, family or others to reduce the amount of possessions in your home.

Your possession’s aren’t the problem, it’s your attachment to them that may be causing clutter.

  1. What do you want to achieve and how can we prioritise?
  2. What have you tried before – what worked and what didn’t?
  3. Stress less, we can work together to reduce your anxiety and attachment= letting go will be a lot easier and get easier with time
  4. There is no quick fix and no teams with a skip!

A lot of people I work with feel embarrassed about their home and don’t know where to begin, I understand this. Sometimes I meet people in a public place with a friend or worker, so they can meet me first before deciding if they want to work with me. Or we talk on the phone first.

Often, one of the hardest steps is acknowledging that there is a problem. I have been into hundreds of cluttered and hoarded homes, so it’s likely yours isn’t going to surprise me!

I also work with families and friends and children affected by clutter or hoarding

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