NDIS approved plan!

Well it’s here, whether we like it or not. I thought I’d offer you an example (with personal inclusions and identifying information removed) of what an NDIS / NDIA plan looks like and how I work. Firstly, the support coordinator rang me (with consent) and discussed the person’s situation and what they were looking for (and what they weren’t).

Previous quotes by other providers had been refused as they were only dealing with the stuff not the cause. I then drove to Geelong and met with the person and the support coordinator in the home. I don’t always meet people for the first time at their home, understandably some want to meet me elsewhere before deciding whether or not to work with me. The person then decided that she could trust me so I submitted the plan, waited, waited and was then approved.  NDIS NDIA plan to address clutter and hoarding


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