NDIS support

NDIS support

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I am approved to deliver individual counselling (under the category “Improved Daily Living”, support category 3.15), capacity building.

I am currently supporting eight people, several in the northern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne and another in the Barwon region. These referrals occurred in different ways.

  1. One person in the Northern suburbs had a plan approved, which included a support coordinator, who knew of me and rang me and I have now we met the person twice. Next visit will occur at her home, so far it’s been in a quiet corner of McDonald’s while we get to know each other. It seems that the local area coordinator (LAC) came up with a figure which would be used to employ someone to assist her to understand the reasons and strategies to affect the clutter.
  2. The Barwon person had a plan approved which included therapeutic and practical support but no dollars were allocated. Then via a support coordinator, NDIS needed a detailed quote from me regarding engagement, time lines, support etc. Previous quotes from other providers were refused as they were only addressing the symptom – removing stuff with a skip isn’t the answer! I now see her once a week. Here’s the NDIA plan which was approved, NDIS Modified for Website with personal information deleted.

For the Crowded House is a provider of support to assist people to understand and create less cluttered homes with the NDIS/NDIA.  If you are a participant and have a plan approved, or a support coordinator looking for assistance, my organisation identification number is 4050006301 or you can search by ABN 73 319 505 204.

I am currently approved to deliver individual counselling (under the category “Improved Daily Living”, support category 3.15).

Don’t be alarmed if you look up For the Crowded House and it says ‘arts therapist’. This isn’t an error, yes I am a qualified Arts Therapist, however the NDIS / NDIA doesn’t yet have a qualification for clutter and hoarding specialist so I am registered under this. I do use these skills where appropriate, here’s an example.

If you have any questions,

042 777 0510

or send me an online message or email me at forthecrowdedhouse@gmail.com