Rewiring our thoughts

So we know that people who hoard have huge difficulties with the concept of ‘loss’ – the loss of their objects and/or animals triggers feelings of a loss of their connection to others, identity, reason for living. And… Read More

Tips to reduce acquiring.

Before we can reduce acquiring, we need to know Why the acquiring?

Ever felt the need to get things sorted in unusual places? You aren’t the only one.

Working in hoarded homes isn’t easy and it’s also not always easy to ignore the desire to get things sorted. You may be able to relate to some of these.

“Other duties as required” – the things we do that you won’t see on a position description!

I have been scolded for disturbing dust, erected a chicken coop for cats, been told that a poster is worth more than me, and seen ornamental cows stuck to a ceiling

Letting someone in

“They” say that most of the message in communication is delivered via non-verbal means like  use of voice (paralanguage), gaze (oculesics), touch (haptics), distance (proxemics), time (chronemics), and physical environments/appearance (from Wikipedia). Well as we all know, it can… Read More

Hoarding cleaning service – a great one!

I met Ray and Michael earlier this year, they are  two lovely men are committed to respectfully cleaning hoarded homes ( from In-a-Minnit Property Maintenance). They took a day off work to learn about hoarding  and I have it on… Read More

Hoarding forum for professionals

So this is my idea – let’s create a hoarding forum for workers who work with people who hoard.  I know that I certainly have wondered where on earth to start and how would I get out of here if the ceiling collapsed?