Meet Tania

Meet Tania

Hi! I am Tania Reid and am a specialist clutter and hoarding practitioner who started For the Crowded House  in 2012. It’s now 2017, I has facilitated over 340 hoarding training days across Australia, and most of my time is spent with people in their own cluttered and hoarded homes.

After 13 years in the community sector, I decided to take a leap into the unknown world of business owner and follow my passion to support people feeling stuck or overwhelmed by clutter or hoarded items. Some people call themselves collectors, finders/keepers or hoarders.

I remember the first person I met who hoarded items. She had grown up with a mother who hoarded, she collected 2 litre bottles of Cola, tied them in plastic bags and used these to create edging, like garden edging. These bottles kept back the envelops, free newspapers and wrappers from the pathways to the kitchen and bedroom. I remember thinking ‘I’m in a Ch 2 documentary’, I was intrigued and sad at how her items seemed to have trapped her in their home. All she wanted was her mum to come home from hospital, but they weren’t allowing that due to condition of the home.

In 2014, I self-published the first children’s book that explores how clutter and hoarding can impact on children. To help launch the book, with some help from my niece and nephews, we made this 56 second clip on a Sunday afternoon.

If only it was this easy to escape clutter and hoarding!









February 2014 -The book was launched by the eminent Dr Chris Mogan & Annika read the story to us all.








In November 2015, after 12 months collaboration with La Mama’ Birdcage Thursday was born! The first Australian play exploring hoarding, helpers, hope, family dynamics and evictions. Here’s a 3 minute video snippet from the play, click on image below. If you are interested in finding out how to bring it to your organisation or town, just contact me.

Scene from Birdcage Thursday

I presented again at the Hoarding and Squalor conference in Sydney, June 2016. Here’s my bio and I discussied how the community sector and the arts can facilitate a greater understanding and support for workers, clients and housing providers involved in cluttered homes.

The practitioner and the artist.

Theatre guru Sandra Fiona Long started a dialogue with hoarding practitioner, trainer and author Tania Reid from For the Crowded House in 2014. They meet in a café and discussed the ethics, myths and hopes for all involved affected by hoarding. Believed to be the first Australian production about hoarding, ‘Birdcage Thursdays’ was performed in November 2015 at Melbourne’s the Big West Festival, to sell-out crowds. Set to a physical rhythm of telephone calls, bird calls, lawn balls and agitated sinuses, the set was “ a simple but touching set of cardboard boxes piled on top of each other. The boxes move with the story, at times shielding or blocking the performers from parts of the audience. It is a lovely work with a purpose” ( December 2, 2015, Galvin).

“Do not disturb” was featured on ABC 500 words project page.


If you are interested, here are my academic Qualifications:

  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology and Sociology
  • Masters of Arts Therapy
  • Diploma of Community Development
  • Diploma of Management



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