Letting someone in

“They” say that most of the message in communication is delivered via non-verbal means like  use of voice (paralanguage), gaze (oculesics), touch (haptics), distance (proxemics), time (chronemics), and physical environments/appearance (from Wikipedia). Well as we all know, it can… Read More

Hoarding cleaning service – a great one!

I met Ray and Michael earlier this year, they are  two lovely men are committed to respectfully cleaning hoarded homes ( from In-a-Minnit Property Maintenance). They took a day off work to learn about hoarding  and I have it on… Read More

Hoarding forum for professionals

So this is my idea – let’s create a hoarding forum for workers who work with people who hoard.  I know that I certainly have wondered where on earth to start and how would I get out of here if the ceiling collapsed?